New IFTTT Event Trigger Coming Soon!


1 trigger was too good :

When scheduled ... (New IFTTT Trigger)

Working on 2.0 cleanup, will try to get back to this soon. :wink: Code is mostly finished, just need to work with IFTTT on incorporating.



so when are the real triggers going in?

im ready for this to stop happening


Submitted to IFTTT last week, just waiting for their approval process. They said it could take 1-3 weeks :wink:



Any eta on these triggers?


Just waiting on approval from IFTTT, they said between 1-3 weeks :wink:. Submitted July 29th.




Looks like sometime Friday this will drop, will post when available.

Our platform team usually does migrations on Friday so I’ll put you in the queue and let you know when I have confirmed exactly when it’ll happen



Looks like they are available!!


@franz do you have example of the triggers you get back? So for example, i had a trigger to add to google calendar when a flex schedule is added, but its not adding. It’s like that trigger isn’t returning enough information to add to Google cal…


I haven’t tried a Google Calendar integration, but I would think it would take whatever you have assigned from the recipe to the Google Calendar. What kind of information does it need?

Also note there can be up to a 15 minute processing delay. For now I chose not to use the IFTTT real time API which provide a lot of excessive load on our system. They poll roughly every 15 minutes.



it needs the date of the event and that is what I am not seeing. I am not seeing the flex event added actually have the date of when its going to run


I think the best you can use for now is {{CreatedAt}}. It will be within one hour of the flex schedule run.



i always find IFTTT to be too limiting, oh well…


So, this trigger was meant to be generic, which limits the metadata coming through the recipe.

Would be cool if each event chosen has its own set of metadata…don’t believe current IFTTT allows for that.



to me this is the biggest limiting factor of IFTTT and the fact that you can’t use variables or OR’s and ANDs…ok, well there are a few limitations of IFTTT :wink:


im just glad i could use it for “something” sine they put this work into it.

thanx franz. i have been highly critical of ifttt but you have delivered something that i can actually use for once regarding ifttt.

yes, the lack of and/or does limit some stuff, but ill take what i can get.


@plainsane approved! :smiley:


Can we get a trigger on Device Online/Connected?

There is one for offline, so I know when it is disconnected but I never know anything once it has reconnected


Not sure if these are firing off correctly, I set a few recipes on zone start and zone end and I get duplicates and I dont always get a matching start/stop of the zone and the timestamps all line up for some of the start times and sometimes the end times. Also it changes which ones duplicate.

I know this is the first release and who knows it might even be IFTTT issue not a Rachio, but I want to give some feedback on it.