New Ideas for app

I currently own 3ea Rachio 3 units, and each unit has a Wireless flow meter that it uses. Each unit is wired using 12 zones and a master valve, I use 1 unit in each of my cultivation rooms to control my automated water feeding system, I have not had 1 issue as of yet, these units are amazingly simple to install and use, and I wouldn’t even think of using another product as nothing compares to them. Anyways, future updates would be awesome if:

  1. That more than one unit could talk to each other
  2. If there were “seconds” option when setting Zone and run times
  3. if there was option to copy complete zone time program, and be able to paste to another zone(s), or another units zone(s).
  4. Wireless pressure regulator, be able to control water pressures to fine tune, as not all of us consumers are using for sprinklers
  5. option to have the ability to shut off blue led light

I’m sure I’ll think of more as I use and program unit, but for right now, it works seamlessly


Hey @Rchull69 :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for the suggestions! We really appreciate your feedback. Sending this to the product team for more research!


Those are some awesome suggestions. Your number 5 option does have a simple $30 work around.
I installed an outdoor enclosure on my unit, even though it is indoors.

That blue light bar is a cool discussion piece when friends come over and see it but it does freak out my dogs since they camp out in my garage.

True, but it’s big and bulky on wall. For now I have taken some electrical tape and covered the light, trimmed excess off, works great for now. Any other light other than green will mess with the plants cycle when asleep, and also trigger the CO2 to turn on, so I need total darkness, but it does look bad ass in the dark

You must be growing some finicky hydroponic ‘lettuce’ :sunglasses:

Lol, you have no idea

We have named our controller “Gort”’. I have been known to say “Klaatu barada nikto” in its presence.