New house, cool controller - already in use :(


I’ve recenrly purchased a house with a Gen2 Rachio controller. I was super excited when I saw it, because I had almost bought one at my last home but ultimately didn’t because my basic one still worked fine. HOWEVER, on setup I get my address in just fine, plug in my serial number, and it says already in use. I get it, previous owner didn’t disconnect and remove it from their account… but I really need to water this yard before it all dies. I’ve sent a ticket through the app on 6/1, an email this evening, and I am now here because it seems that support checks here, unlike their email, or phone (which I spent 40 minutes listening to the elevator music before I just hung up). So, here’s hoping that someone gets back to me before I have to go buy a new controller. Picture of serial number attached.

@Wk2 - if you can contact the prior owner they can transfer the controller to you via the app.

If not, I’ve kicked this post for attention.

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If you follow these steps our CS team can automatically transfer the controller to your account.


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As of this morning 6/5 at about 7:00 am I have requested the transfer. I am super excited for the controller to be useable!! Woo hoo! I was inputting the serial number because my (iPhone XS max) didn’t want to pickup the bar code, but I got it to work this morning and now I’m excited and hopeful that this transfer goes quickly and I can start playing with this thing. Thanks @franz and thanks @DLane for the bump!

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