New home, need manual transfer

Sent in a request to support on September 6, 2020. Haven’t received a response yet. I bought a home that came with a gen 2 smart ranchio 8 zone system. Can’t add it to my account until someone at tech support manually does it apparently. Any help?

It appears to me that you are correct in you cannot add it to your account until someone at Rachio does something. If the previous owner has access, they can do somthing to get your access. Here is an article that describes it all:

I would read through some of the issues people are having with these things before deciding to keep it.

I am sorry you are having some issue @droogish. You are correct that others have had some similar issues too. From what I have seen, Rachio has taken good care of these issues. If you have not contacted customer service, I would suggest that. I do not think I have seen very many products have some number of issues and/or less than perfect reviews. The customer service makes a huge difference and the community, if exists, helps quite a bit too. I do not know the numbers of controllers that Rachio has sold, but am sure the failures are relatively small otherwise they would not still be in business. Forums like this will have a tendency for people to share problems. I do see many more people willing to help and not experiencing the same problems (sure, improvements are always welcome). Anyway, I am rambling.

My comment was based on the amount of time this issue has been present on the forums with out a fix. People have been reporting this issue for a long time. Also, If it was simply swapping out hardware that wouldn’t be a big deal. But pulling the unit off the wall, re-cabling, and reprogramming are all time consuming steps. The issue also seems to be caused when the timer powers down making the timer (in my opinion) too fragile to work as a timer.