New Google Home app, no Rachio


In the past I found the Google Home app (on Android, if it matters) didn’t really suit my needs, so I basically only used it to set up my Google devices. Now that Google revamped the app, I figured I’d give it a try, including adding my Rachio controller to it.

Except Rachio is not listed as a choice in the list of services I can link to Google. Is this a temporary issue, or are Google and Rachio no longer playing nicely together?


Hi @gadgetfan-

Are you not able to use Google commands with your Rachio controller either, or are you just not seeing it in the app?


Hey @gadgetfan - testing this out now. So far we’re seeing the same thing. Promise we’re still integrated with Google, looks like a simple hiccup with the new update. Stay tuned!


@mckynzee - I did set up Google/Rachio integration some time back, but rarely use it. I just tried it now and some commands seem to work. I could set a rain delay, but I couldn’t cancel it. I also couldn’t use any of the commands to obtain watering status. I don’t know if the failure of those commands is linked to the current quirk in the integration.

@laura.bauman - Thanks for the update. Any estimate of when I should try it again?


To be more specific. Rachio hasn’t implemented Google Smart Home Actions Here’s info about the Sprinkler Action:


Hey @gadgetfan!

So it looks like with the new update, linking Rachio is just slightly different now.

For Android Phones
Open Google Home
Click the Assistant Microphone
Click the explore button (compass icon) in the top right when the assistant pops up
Search Rachio
Click link

For iPhones
Open Google Assistant App
Click the explore button (compass icon) in the top right
Search Rachio
Click link

Let me know if you run into any snags. We’ll be updating our documentation to reflect this shortly.

Thanks for the heads up :slight_smile:


Thanks, @laura.bauman. I wonder if we’re talking about two slightly different things, though. The instructions you provided enable me to talk to Google Assistant to initiate commands, though I didn’t have a “link” button in the last step. Maybe because my integration remained intact from when I set it up previously?

My question was about the ability to incorporate Rachio into the list of smart devices on the Google Home main screen (mine currently looks like this):

Does Rachio plan to integrate in some way to that screen? It won’t have the degree of control as the Rachio app, but there might be a use case there, and it’s nice to have one hub for hopefully all smart devices. Currently, if I click the “Add” button on that screen, Rachio is not listed among the companies/services that can be added.


OH! I see! I’m so sorry for the confusion.

Let me look into this a little bit more and get back to you :slight_smile:


See my above comment about what Rachio needs to do to become a first class device.