New Generation2 doesn't power up


I bought a new rachio 16 zone controller , installed and plugged in power supply as suggested, no blue lights at all.
what are my options? I am 100% sure that power supply is working as I just unplugged my old sprinkler controller from that same plug. Also, my internet works of the same supply , so I know it is working

UPDATE: soon after posting this , the controller booted up and now I am able to test the sprinklers and they are working as expected except one station (9)

I do have question regarding connecting the stations.One of my station has 2 wires going to one station(zone 9) in the old hunter pro c system (see picture). how do I connect it to rachio ?


Congrats on getting your Rachio up and running, reguarding zone 9, it could be that you just got unlucky and chose unused wire from the pair, it would be odd if both are needed.
Since you have a 16 zone controller, I recommend you connect the second zone 9 wire to the zone 10 of your rachio, if zone 10 now activates your old zone 9, you can flip the zones around or just continue using it as is.
If zone 9 and 10 will not work by themselves, you could try connecting zone 10 Wire to the SC terminal and running Zone 9, if that works, you may need an additional wire and a wire nut to connect both wires to a single zone.

Let us know what you end up trying and what are the outcomes :wink:


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Hey @BA8!

Any luck with your zone 9?

McKynzee :rachio:

@Gene - you were right, I just chose to plug in the non functioning wire in to station 9. I plugged the other one in to 10 and it is firing the sprinkler in 9. I flipped as soon as it worked.

Thanks for your help