New Gen2 installation, schedule setup question

Hi, just bought and installed a 2nd gen Rachio. After spending time getting all the zones set up properly (I’m in Texas and all but 1 of my zones are warm season grass BTW), I set up my first schedule. I’m using a “specific days” schedule, since I’m only allowed to water on Thurs/Sun. When you create the schedule, the Rachio suggests run times for each zone based on the zone’s config. What I’m wondering is are these times crafted specially for the current date? Couldn’t find an answer to exactly how this works, anywhere. As an example of what I mean: since I created this schedule on May 3rd, are these are the watering times that the Rachio thinks I should be using on May 3rd, and once we get into June or July, they will be increased? The times it is suggesting seem a bit low to me for summer, but if they are tailored to early May, then perhaps they are spot on.

One reason this is particularly confusing to me is that in the past I tried out a RainMachine controller, and when configuring that device, the baseline watering times you entered on your schedule were supposed to be for an “average summer day”, NOT the current date…then it would adjust from there.

For a water as needed schedule or fixed, the times are based on the current need, but will adjust for the month each month based on historical trends.

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