New Gen2 install one zone not working

I have installed a new Gen2 system on eight zones. All works well other than one zone. I can manually turn the valve so I know the system works. I had my old controller still on the wall so hooked it back up to only that zone and it runs that zone no problem so I know there isn’t anything wrong with the wire itself or solenoid. Other zones put into that port on the controller work fine. I moved all wires associated with that common to a different section of the controller and still all work other than the one. Any ideas?

Hey Josh!

This sounds like a wiring issue. I’m happy to see that it looks like you were able to resolve the problem after troubleshooting with our Support team!

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Im having a similar issue. Are you able to post the solution?

Checked the output voltage at the controller and it was 26-7 volts so not the issue. Checked voltage at the solenoid after disconnecting it and there was no drop in voltage so wire fine. Wired in different solenoid and that port on the controller worked fine. So I assumed was bad solenoid I’d have to change out and that maybe old controller was outputting slightly higher voltage to make it work. I intended to swap the bad one to an irrigation line for my bushes so could keep the lawn good while finding time to fix the solenoid. Well I got shit all messed up trying that and when I rewired and got things put back together all zones work. So I assume had a slightly bad connection in the wiring that wasn’t allowing that solenoid to work.

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