New Gen2 Connectivity Issues

I just installed a new Gen2 unit yesterday with 6 Zones. Settup and getting onto the network seemed to be relatively straight forward and I tested all zones work when run manually. However, my controller seems to keep going offline. After being up for about 5 hours I saw that it was offline in the app, the controller itself had 1 blinking LED. A reboot seemed to fix the issues, but another couple hours later the same issue popped up. I had my first watering schedule set to go this morning, but I woke up to the controller being offline again and 1 blinking led.

I should note that the router is literally on the other side of the wall from the controller, and my router logs do not show any issues, so I do not believe it is wifi related. Did I get a bad apple?

FYI…I am seeing the controller is offline again, about 15 mins after rebooting it. This is getting frustrating.

@aaronlhx82, we’ll open up a support ticket for you and review your account logs. Will track down the issue today.

Thanks, Emil

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Thanks, I spoke with someone on chat, they think the issue is that my router (inside) is right on the other side of the wall from my controller(outside) and the wifi signal is too strong, causing interference. I am now trying to connect my controller to a second AP that is further from the controller, however, I am having issues connecting to the controller via the wifi update process in the android app.

Try turning off the 2.4Ghz on the router that is close. That way rachio will only see the AP. Then go from there.

Based on the issues I was having I thought there may have been some issues with the hardwired power connection. I opened the enclosure back up and stripped additional shielding from the wires on the outdoor enclosure side and re-twisted them using the caps. It seemed as if not enough of the wire was exposed on the enclosure causing difficulty getting a strong connection with the power wires coming in. After reconnecting the black, white and ground wire I have been going for an hour straight without any further issues. I am inclined to believe that my issue was in fact a bad power connection. I will keep an eye over the next 24 hours and let you all know if I have any more issues. Thanks for the assistance!


Yeah, I too am having difficulty with my Gen 2 unit staying online. I can run the zones manually through the app with no problems, but when a program starts, the controller goes offline. To get it back, I have to unplug it, but that does no good when I’m not at home. Is there something I’m missing?

Odd, I have our firmware team looking at your controller.

We are seeing the same issue, as soon as a scheduled schedule runs it disconnects.

First controller we have seen do this :wink:

We will determine root cause and get back to you. Thanks for your patience.


Ok, as far as we can tell your zone 1 is wired incorrectly. Can you send wiring pictures to

We believe that is crashing the controller :wink:


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BTW - We are seeing 1127mA which is wee high. Normal should be about ~200mA :sunny:


Ok, thanks. When I get home this evening, i will take a picture of it, but I will also replace the solenoid as it appears to be malfunctioning. It’s amazing that you can determine this remotely so it is much appreciated!

First time we have done this, at some point we will be using/displaying zone electric current data which we capture every time a zone runs.

Yeah Gen 2 :wink:


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Very cool. I liked my gen 1 (passed it on to a friend) and appreciate the functionality that this new controller provides.

So, shameless plug for an Amazon review ( if you are enjoying the system :wink: The more reviews the stronger our brand is.

Thanks for being a loyal Gen 1 and Gen 2 customer.


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No problem, I will take care of that today.

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Thank you so much, and the entire team thanks you.

Sending you Rachio swag since you’ve been with us from the beginning :blush: