New Gen 3

I received a new Gen 3 controller this afternoon, to replace a Gen 2 (it was NOT a Rachio issue!), and wanted to thank the Rachio support team that worked with me to get it done. They were extremely helpful and flexible. As I said in my review on Google, this is what customer service is supposed to look like!

It took me about 30 minutes to remove the old controller and pack it up, install the new one, get it on the internet using my 5G wireless, and setup the schedule. It also included cleaning up my wiring a bit (I MAY be a little compulsive!). My point is, Rachio has the start up process figured out, and it works well.


@Woodrow Appreciate the kind words and thanks for being a part of the Rachio family!

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@Woodrow Thanks for sharing, the team always love hearing this type of feedback!


I liked the entire experience so much, I’m getting another Gen 3 for my sister. I’m a little worried about this installation, though. Her existing controller might qualify as an antique. I’ll let you know how it goes, but I’m sure that if I have any issues the support team will be able to help.


Just make sure you take pictures of the before/after wiring! :wink:


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I got the new controller for my sister (a full 2 days sooner than expected), and got it installed yesterday with no issues! It was a snap, and it connected to her wireless immediately.

My plan is to add her controller to my app as she is completely clueless about how it works and has zero desire to learn. I’m sure I can do this, just not yet sure how. I thought I might be able to use my limited (but increasing) knowledge to make sure her yard is getting watered OK.

I do have 1 question. Her old mechanical controller (120 volt) appeared to be grounded. Since it is 24 volt (I think) and there is no option to ground the new one, I’m guessing it isn’t required. I’m about as far from an electrician as one can get. Can you confirm I haven’t put my sister’s life at risk?


Shared access should work well for this.

If the controller is plugged into a standard, grounded outlet should be fine.