New gen 2 unit working, no zones coming on!

I just installed a new gen 2 8 zone unit and none of the zones are coming on. I have changed the location of the common. I have unplugged and replugged every wire. I do not have a master valve. I have disconnected all sensors. I can not get any of the solenoids to activate with this controller.

All zones were working with the old Hunter controller. Please help!

Attached below are photos of the before and after wiring.

I noticed that your old Hunter SRC had the rain sensor installed. You have not used the rain sensor on the Gen 2. I think the white wire, not the yellow, is your common wire when not using the rain sensor. I may be wrong but looking at the Hunter SRC wiring schematic I think that is the case.

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white is generally always your common. Try connecting white to the C instead of Yellow and I bet your zones will power up

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Thanks all! You are correct. Once I connected the white wire to the common everything works!


Maybe you can help an old guy out now. I also have a Gen 2 Rachio and want to connect a Hunter mini click wired rain sensor. My old controller was a Hunter also. When you wired the Mini click rain sensor to the Gen 2 Rachio, You put the white wire to the common, which I have done Now where did you install the Mini click wires? To the S1 and SC terminals of the Rachio? Much appreciate any help!

Mini Cliks are not powered sensors so you would treat them just like any other wired (non-powered) sensor. I am sure you would connect the one wire to the SC and the other to either the S1 or S2. Don’t forget to enable the rain sensor in the Gen 2 app.

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Much appreciated, Thanks for the quick reply. That’s the way I presently have it wired and had turned on rain sensor in Devices BUT still not showing active with all the rain we have been getting. I believe its seen its day, its 11 years old, and just ordered a new one to replace it. Thanks again for your help! GREAT RACHIO COMMUNITY.