New Gen 2 Install . Zones not getting activated


I installed my Rachio Second generation controller yesterday. Trying for two days but zones are not getting activated. App shows it is running but no watering happens in any Zones.

Attached the old wiring as well as new wiring and here are some details that may help

Master Valve/Pump on in the App.
I had a wireless rain sensor but I haven’t connected that in Rachio.
It is raining yesterday in my Area.

Everything looks correct as far as I can tell. One thing I noticed was that 8th zone was previously seemingly disconnected, but that is unlikely to cause issues you are describing.

From what you describe, there are two possible issues:

  1. Common wire is disconnected / issue with a common terminal
    = Try moving the white wire to another C terminal
    = Check the wire bundle on the other end of white wire and make sure everything is securely connected.

  2. Master valve is somehow disconnected / faulty:
    = Look for the valve the blue wire connects to, your master valve and/or a pump relay.
    = If it is a valve, try manually activating it, by turning the solenoid in the ON direction. Try running the zones with the valve thus bypassed.

Rachio team can check internal sensors to verify which, if any, of the valves are consuming power. Meanwhile let us know if any of the two suggestions so far has yielded any results.



Hi Gene,

Thank you for your reply.
This issue is solved by power cycling the controller.
My guess is when installing APP, I mentioned “No Master Valve” but later enabled.
Could a software cache issue or communication prob.