New Flex webapp schedule, 0% moisture balance, scheduled to run but did not

When I first set this up I set up the time to run a few minutes of the current time. When it did not run, I read that it makes its calcs an hour ahead of the start time. I changed the start time to an hour and a half ahead, an hour and a half later it still had not run. Worried that I was chasing it, I set it for the following morning. The schedule updated and indicated that it was going to water at my specified time. I allowed that time to pass by about 5 hours and still it did not water so I did so manually as the grass was already starting to turn colors. I made no other changes. Again the following day, today, it indicated it was going to water at the specified time, but did not. I did not water maunally today. The graph indicates that it will water tomorrow, but Im not sure it will. Could this be a bug with setting up a flex schedule via the site?

I hate to ask, but it was the solution on another thread but, is the unit in standby mode?

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No. For some reason it was initially in standby mode but that was disabled shortly after I first plugged it in.

Look in the graph and see if there was forecasted precipitation. My pretty sure racio does not run if water is forecasted for tha day.

I wish but, alas. I’m in California. Furthermore, and hour before the start time, the schedule update say’s,
"Flex Grass Schedule with zones Front Grass Left Side, Front Grass Right Side, Backyard Grass scheduled to run at 04:30 AM"
But nothing happened. And yes, I did run manually to ensure they were wired correctly.

Send it to

Done. Thanks

Same thing again this morning,
“Schedule Updates
Today at 4:17 AM
Drip Flex with zones Front yard drip, Backyard drip scheduled to run at 05:30 AM” but schedule did not fire off; no water.

And you can manually run the schedule?

And does the moisture balance indicate that it ran?

yes, they manually run. And no rain in forecast, it’s California. I am thinking this is a problem with the new flex web app. No email notifications either but that’s a topic for another thread unless someone thinks it could be related…

Has support gotten back to you? This is most confusing…

I used the new web app to,recreate my flex schedules so,it would have to be a rare branch condition in the code that is broken.

They did. They said, “Hi Nathan,
This is Michael from Rachio Support here. I’m sorry to hear that you are having these issues with your flex schedules and definitely want to look further into the situation.
It seems that what may be happening is that there is a conflict with the length of your watering times. This could be what is causing your moisture levels to be at zero. What I would recommend doing is increasing the flex schedule duration for your zones. Try this out and get back to us to let us know if it works or not.
Hopefully this information was helpful and thank you for being part of the Rachio community. Hope to hear back from you soon!
Thanks and hope you have a great day,

I replied, “How do I increase a flex schedule duration? Isn’t the duration automagically calculated? All I have control over is the start time of each program!?” but have not heard back.

In the mean time, I deleted my drip schedule so that I only have one schedule. Set it to run two hours out. The calcs ran and the “Schedule Update” reported "

Today at 7:15 PM
Flex Grass Schedule with zones Front Grass Left Side, Front Grass Right Side, Backyard Grass scheduled to run at 08:00 PM"
And again no sprinklers and “Watering History” does not report anything at all. Wife’s getting pissed because I spent $200 on this and now her flowers are dying! About to get boxed up and sent back. Is there a way to log in using the local IP to get a log file that I can post before SWMBO boxes it up and sends it back?

@n8huntsman I believe I found the issue. Your controller was in a standby state which was different that what was reflected in the client app. I just rebooted the controller and you are good to go now (it picked up the correct state). I will work with the development team to track down how the controller and the client app were different.

Thanks for your patience and please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any other issues.



We’ve identified the issue and it was a rare edge case caused by the ‘Device Settings’ screen on the Webapp. A fix will be put out immediately tomorrow.

Once again, thanks for reporting this and thanks for your patience.



To increase the duration, in the flex schedule itself you can select duration and use +/- but this just adjusts a ratio. If your duration is way low or high, maybe we should look at root depth or pr on the zone…what are you seeing?

Great points @plainsane, if 50% +/- doesn’t help, then flex isn’t the right schedule type, or some advanced settings need tweaking.

My last post in this thread, in our next software release we will be allowing 5% +/- increments in water adjustment times (versus the 25% +/- increments now). This should help much more with fine tuning.


@n8huntsman, I’ll grab your support ticket moving forward if you encounter additional issues with the schedules not running properly.

In the mean time, I’d recommend reviewing this support article to learn how to adjust your Flex schedule durations and intervals.


Thank you Franz. The changes you made corrected the problem. I had water this morning for the first time.

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@n8huntsman Great to hear. The team will be fixing the issue with the webapp today.

Thanks for your patience and welcome to the community!