New firmware, offline irrigation event buffering


Tomorrow July 28th @ 12:30PM MST we will deploy new firmware which will buffer any irrigation events that happen when the Iro is disconnected from WiFi. Once the Iro reconnects, the irrigation events will be sent back to the cloud for recording.

This is primarily for flex schedules which are impacted when irrigation events are lost due to intermittent WiFi connectivity.


How does offline irrigation even buffering work?

will this update being applied show in the device updates?


will the iro persist these events in case power is lost before wifi connectivity is reestablished? i dont expect it to, but would like confirmation so i dont perform any ass hattery on my end.


No, a power cycle will remove these transient events.


Deferring this one day, moar testing :wink:



Firmware released. Offline buffering now in place :wink:



Did this cause a power cycle of the Iro today?




@franz Does the app or web interface tell us when we receive firmware or software updates? If not that would be a nice feature, since i’m sure most people are not checking the forums on a continual basis…


Not currently. Definitely in our backlog.





Was there another Firmware update yesterday (8/22/15)? I got notice of a Device status power cycle on my unit at 8:17 AM EDT.

I’m looking forward to being able to know that it’s not a local problem when this occurs.


No new updates :wink: