New Fios Router Won’t Connect -R3

Have Rachio 3 for over a year and it worked famously with old Fios router/network. Upgraded router and faster speeds last week and cannot get Rachio 3 to connect. Have done hard shutdown multiple times, tried WiFi reset on controller, reset router, but still cannot connect. Get all the way to last step and get message “There was a problem updating your WiFi. Please try again”.

Nothing seems to work. Please help. Thanks

Hey @Tommyboy!

Would you be up for shooting a note to so our team can help get you online?

Also, wanted to note that this community is public facing and has over 10,000 users, we usually don’t recommend sharing personal contact information. If you’d like to remove, you can click the edit (pencil) button at the bottom of your post.


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Thanks Laura. Removed my personal info and will send note to Rachio support. Take care.

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