New Feature Suggestion - Fault Reporting

Love the product! Nice job.
My old controller (which had a bunch of problems) did have one nice feature that I have not found in the Rachio. When there was a problem with a station it would show a fault message and identify the problem station. I had an issue with one station when I hooked up the Rachio (bad solenoid). The only indication that I got from the Rachio was that the controller completely tripped offline. I don’t know if the electronics allow a fault identification message to help narrow down the problem area. But if that capability is possible given the hardware, that would be a nice addition. It would make troubleshooting much easier.

@LCFer This feature is being worked on as we speak. If the controller has a bad solenoid we will send a push notification to your smart phone and an event will appear in your activity feed. I’ll post more when this feature is released (soon).