New Device Update Message

Yesterday I Received a new message in the Device Update field box at 1:02pm “Device status power cycle” is this new?
Does the device do this on its own?

I got the same and assumed they’d pushed a firmware update.

So is this a rolling upgrade? I didn’t get any message even though I have all the notifications turned on.

It’s not an email or app notification. It’s just a note in the “Device Updates,” where the rain sensor notes appear, too.

In case you didn’t notice (like me), in the history tab, there are three sections: “Watering History,” “Schedule Updates,” and “Device Updates.”

Firmware was released about 5 days ago so this could be related to the message you are seeing. We did enable that event to be displayed. The event is basically whenever your Iro is physically power cycled or rebooted due to firmware release or a hard WiFi reboot (if it can’t connect for a certain period of time).