New 631 Firmware. Changelog?

Hi all,

Noticed that one of my controllers updated to 631 last night. Is there a changelog?

My remaining controllers are either on 630 or 615 still.

Side note: The WFM is saying “Requires Pairing” on the 631 controller after update. This appears to be a bug. Could be very problematic for some users (such as me) that have multiple controllers all in different locations, some that aren’t easy to access. Just an FYI.

Would also like a) a notification when a firmware update has occurred and b) a change log

615 here, it has been in standby since september or so.

My Rachio 3 recently updated to 631 also and my wired flow sensor FSI-T10-001 has not read properly since. Flow readings for my zones went from 1-5gpm to 20+gpm. Would like to know if the update broke the wired offset settings. Flow meter is unusable with this firmware version.


There is another thread here about this. We’ve been asking for a while for some kind of notification when they push an update to our controllers along with some type of changelog. Haven’t seen the team respond yet. This really isn’t too much to ask.

Without a notification, how are we expected to know? I’m surely not checking for updates on a regular basis. Also, why isn’t there a change log published online?