Netafim / Techline CV flow

I’m running the Techline CV drip tubing which isn’t smoothly compatible with the Rachio software. I understand that I can create a custom nozzle to approximate the emitters, but the calculation for water consumption remains less than accurate.

An issue is that my tubing isn’t used in neat row with exact spacing, it follows a random path and sometimes wraps around a tree or bush several times for extra water.

Zone square footage is completely non-sensical for me.

There have been discussions about using the number of spray heads per zone for calculating GPH and that has been dismissed because of variability in pressure. The Techline emitters are different because they are pressure compensating and I know that if I have 100 feet of tubing it will flow 92GPH no matter what.

My request is that I have the option of selecting either length or number of emitters with a flow per emitter, and de-select square feet.


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Thanks for providing so much background on your request! I agree that our support for drip could be greatly improved, especially since it seems as though drip tubing is becoming increasingly popular. I will make sure to log this for the team!

McKynzee :rachio:

I agree for drip installations !

FYI, if you want to get more accurate water consumption you can do it by adjusting your sq. footage according to the calculator here. Just plug in the GPH/plant and #plants to match whatever your total GPH is for the zone. For example, for that 92GPH for the 100ft of tubing you mentioned put in 1 GPH/plant and 92 in ‘# of plants in your zone’. Also fill in the ‘Gallons you want to apply’ and ‘Inches of Water applied in Flex’ to match how much you are watering. The resulting ‘Zone Area’ should give you more accurate estimates for the water consumption.

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Thanks for suggesting this! I also have Netafim tubing, of two different sorts, and agree that the software is not adequate for calculating usage on setup.

I am also having the issue of the weather—software understands when rain is coming in and halts water, but then, even after a good rain, it doesn’t hold off. So I had 35 minutes of unnecessary watering right after a big rain storm. Am I missing something simple???