Nest Integration with Rachio

I am interest on the Nest Integration. From what I read, ‘If Nest Protect senses smoke, the Rachio controller can automatically turn on sprinklers around the house.’ When will this feature be available?

@RoarinRow‌ Within the next couple of weeks, we are code complete. Coordinating with Nest on a launch date, will let you know when we soft release this.

Excellent, thank you Franz!

Out of interest, how would this help with the fire?

@Rachety‌ The thought here is property and structure loss. By enabling fire suppression this might help save other connected or disconnected structures. I think it’s a great example of disparate technologies, ones you never thought would communicate with each, working together.

@franz‌ Is this Nest integration going to be different than what’s now possible via IFTTT? When I read the news release last week from Nest I assumed it would be some sort of “baked in” integration with Iro, but in looking at the IFTTT recipes (which are very cool by the way) I see some overlap and possible duplication.

@ted_chappell‌ There is definitely some overlap. I see the IFTTT integration as loosely coupled with Nest. Our tighter Nest integration allows the Nest Protect device(s) status to be shown in our webapp real-time as well as getting real-time Nest Protect status data. I think there is roughly a 15 minute lag using IFTTT for this trigger. This tighter integration will potentially allow us to do more features with the Nest Protect that we could not do using IFTTT.

It will be interesting to watch the landscape (ha ha no pun intended) over the next few years and see if more companies gravitate to something like IFTTT and let them manage the glue but have a less engaged experience, or build tighter integrations that allow for more device cross-pollination.

Exciting times for sure!

@franz‌ Cool–that makes sense. I hadn’t considered the impact of a 15 minute cycle for IFTTT. That would definitely make a difference in the event of fire!

@ted_chappell‌ LOL, yes, I would think so :slight_smile:

Will this activate only a certain zone, all zones at once, zones that I specify. I could see this as possibly helpful if it watered the bushes around my house, but the drip line way in the back of my yard isn’t going to really have much impact on my house burning down. Thanks. Love both my nest and my Iro

@KbIrish‌ Ya good question, right now we default to running every zone for 5 minutes, for two cycles. We were contemplating allowing you to pick an individual watering time, but that was going to be quite a bit more work. One creative option is to use IFTTT Nest trigger to start a Rachio watering time (schedule) action.