Nest Home Report

I received my email from Nest with the Nest Home Report even though I’m setup with Works with Nest. There wasn’t any info regarding the Rachio Iro… Does it require a full month? I only connected mine around May 13th. Thoughts?

Same experience. Rachio Iro installed April 10th 2015. Have received two Nest Home Reports since, neither have any information regarding the Rachio. Thanks

Same here…just had my first full month of regular use and was hoping for some stats, but didn’t see any.

Thanks for the feedback everyone, I’ll work with the Nest team and figure out what the root cause is.


Figured I’d chime in and report the same, my Nest report didn’t include or mention anything about my Iro.

Chiming in, no info on my nest report either. I just received it.

Spoke with Nest, they said there will be more details towards the end of the week in regards to when this data will be available on the Nest reports. Sorry, that is all I have for now.


Just got my July Nest report and no details. Didnt see any update, so didn’t think it was fixed, but just thought I’d let you know!

Thanks, Nest is not using the data yet, and has not told us when they plan to :wink:

Just a heads-up @franz … I have Nest Protects throughout the house and 1 malfunctioned this past weekend and warned us with an Emergency Smoke alert so everyone was in a panic. Wanted to let you know that the Protect alert did not trigger the Iro Sprinklers as expected to protect the neighbors… Cause I was worried that they’d be running for no reason since it was a malfunction of the Protect unit.

Ok, I can look into that, any rough idea of the timeframe?

That Protect has been on Alarm since July 5th @ about 2am. Still have to call Nest tech support.

Ouch. Ok I’ll see if we were alerted, we only run a few cycles, so it wouldn’t have been running this whole time :wink:

@franz Got my July Nest report and it looks like they are making progress, I’m in some sort of beta.

As you can see from the screen capture, it is aware of the Iro but didn’t show any water usage. Is this something I should contact Nest about or something you guys would work with Nest directly?

Mine looks like it worked!

I see a lot of resource use events that we have sent to Nest. This seems more than likely an issue on their end :wink:


This worked for me with my latest nest report received a couple of days ago.

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