Need recommendation on soaked zone

We moved to a new home with the Rachio 2nd generation already installed. There are two current schedules and both are “fixed schedule” with one that ends before sunrise and another that ends before sunset and runs 7 days/week - both set to cycle and soak.

One of the zones - which consists of shrubs - is soaked and our gardener said it should only run 3 days per week.

What’s the best way to get a handle on this issue? I thought about removing that soaked zone from the schedule and creating a new schedule for just that zone:
-Flex daily schedule
-Interval: M, W, F
-Watering duration: 2 min
-Smart cycle

When this is set up it does not show that it’s going to run anytime soon…just not sure how to manage this soaked zone and get control of this - feedback appreciated.

If your gardener is giving you the best way to water, rather than Flex use an Fix Interval schedule type with Specific Days for M-W-F watering. Set the watering time per gardener’s instructions. Flex needs most days available to properly function — learn more at

You’ll need to create a new schedule to set up the Fixed interval and then delete or disable the old Flex schedule.

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What’s the other zone set to run 7 days a week? I’ll bet it doesn’t need to run that often either…

Deep and infrequent watering is the best recommendation. Your plants need moisture and then a chance to breath.

2 minutes on a soaker or drip cycle is not adequate. What is the “Gallons per Hour” rate of your soaker lines? What type of plants or shrubs do you have? That will determine how often you need to run and for how long.

Some plants are better with twice a week for a few more minutes and some prefer 3 times a week with a few less minutes.