Need my Account Rachio reassociated


I need my Rachio reset so I can set it up again.

My email is old, and it does not work since I cancelled it.

How do I reach someone to allow me to set it up again? Does factory reset work?



I can have the engineering team help out. Can you please PM me with more information on “Rachio reset so I can set it up again”? If you just want an email change we can do that or more.



Serial number SR0518421


Hi, this sort of seems applicable to my situation too. I have a client who just died and I’m the only one managing his irrigation. But the house may be sold…or not…how do I go about passing on the controller access? My best bet for now would to see if his son ( not living at property) would take control…maybe I could get his email address?



If you can get his email address and the serial number of the controller we can transfer the account for you.



Can we transfer this account? Serial # VR0629293
New email of

My email is if I could becc’d on the email exchange…if there is one.
THANK you!


Ah nuts, thought I was PM’ing you. Delete the posting if poss?


@AnnM - this can now be done in the application.

See ->


Thanks. I understand how this works when the owner shares access with ME but I don’t own this controller so I think that’s why I’m not seeing ‘shared access’. I’m the contractor who installed. The original owner of the controller died so we’re in limbo…


@AnnM, Got it. Then this is a task for @Franz.


Hey @AnnM,

Actually, your timing is fantastic. Users can now request a transfer of ownership. This article should help :slight_smile: Transfer ownership of a Rachio controller to your account

-Lo :rachio:


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