Need Installer in SF Bay Area

We just got a rachio controller to replace our old analog controller, and while I know it isn’t hard to install, we would prefer to have a pro install it. Does anyone here know of someone in the sf bay area, preferably the east bay, who has experience installing rachio irrigation controllers? We have asked a couple of local guys and they don’t know how to do it. Thanks.


@cohenfive, do you still need help finding a local installer?

If you take pictures on an existing controller wiring, we can most likely walk you through it. We have been fairly successful so far…

I still need help. Shocking that Rachio doesn’t have a list of guys who have done the installation. Pretty useless so far. I may just send it back if there is nobody who installs them.

@cohenfive, what is your zip code? I’ll work with our pro team today to try and find someone for you

I actually found a few places right away.

EZ Home & Geekatoo, I’ll PM you their emails


SF Bay Area. Home of smart devices…really suprised this is such a mystery.

The HW install is the easy part.
I would not count on an installer to understand or edit the soil and sprinkler types for each zone. This is key to take advantage of the Rachio SW and potential water savings.

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We would help the installer on the specifics of the zones, just want the hw installed right. Don’t trust the guy who does our gardening even though he obviously has to interact with our existing system.

And if it is so easy, why doesn’t anyone seem to have experience doing it?

@jcholpuch brings up a good point, Have you checked out any installation videos or tried calling our support hotline? We can walk you through getting set up properly

@cohenfive it’s more so the wifi set up that I have seen some troubles with. The irrigation/wiring is simple to a pro that is seasoned with other controllers. We can help on both sides if needed

As I have said a few times, we want help installing this.

Hi @cohenfive I sent over a few contacts to your inbox, I hope they can help you out

Thanks, saw the one in Castro Valley. Will email him to see if he can help.

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The wiring is the same as dumb controllers. I personally think that an old-school landscaper looks at a box without a big dial and/or buttons showing A,B,C & 1,2,3 on it and gets intimidated.

@franz and @emil – It would be really nice if you had a list of certified installers on your website. I know that the landscaper that recommended and installed my Rachio loved it so much that he went through some kind of program that you have to get certified with you. And I also know that he is a little frustrated that he doesn’t seem to have gotten anything for going through that process. He continues to love your product and install it, and he relies on me to feed him new pertinent information from the forums as he doesn’t have the time right now to sit on the forums. It would be nice if Rachio was feeding him that information as a certified installer, rather than one of his clients getting it to him.

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Exactly…just like Tire Rack does for instance. It would benefit Rachio customers and would greatly benefit the company as the product would find more and more pros and amateurs recommending it…and it would be easy to get it installed instead of the huge hassle I am encountering.

Great idea @Linn. We’ve explored this in the past but needed more pros to make it useful at a national level. @cohenfive, please let us know if you don’t hear back from the contacts @lucasc sent you.

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Because most ppl do it themselves