Need help with Rachio Flow

Trying to pair my recently purchased flow meter serial number is F11335772 with my Rachio 3 controller, i cant seem to get it to pair, read support forms and noted that there might be an firmware update that is required, but could not find any resources on how to do it.

You shouldn’t need any updated firmware, what error are you seeing?


I am using an Iphone X with IOS 13.4.1, i tried pairing this morning with a fresh set of batteries… It trys for a few minutes and then reports “Hmm, this is taking longer than normal” I reset the battery but it fails with message “The Rachio Flow Meter cant pair with your controller”

Strange, usually the flow meter pairing is solid, and isn’t phone based since it communicates directly with the controller.

Can you do me a favor and power cycle the controller, then remove batteries/put back in to flow meter and try one more time?


That worked… Thank you… Quick question on the PVC connectors. Where will i be able to buy them… the seems to be out…

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Orbit brand, Model # 38676. Available at Home Depot, Lowe’s, and Amazon?