Need Help with Gen1, not watering

Is Tech Support responding? I put a ticket in 3 days ago and haven’t heard a word. I finally factory reset my controller because watering schedules kept disappearing when they were scheduled to run. Now that it’s reset I can’t set it up. WiFi light is blinking green but offline in the App. I’m leaving the controller unplugged overnight to see if that does anything.

I’ve been a Rachio user for over 5 years and I’m ready to throw this thing away and go with something else! @franz my grass is dying!

I assume that you have a Gen 1, which is the only unit with an indicator labeled “Wi-Fi”.

Does the controller show in your router’s list of connected devices? Can you ping it?
When you log into from your desktop or laptop, does the controller appear in your account? Does it show as on-line? Can you do a Quick Run? Are your schedules present?

If you can’t resolve this quickly, call 1 844 4RACHIO tomorrow morning (open 07:00 to 18:00 MDT).

Yes, this is a Gen 1. Turned the controller on this morning and no change. WiFi light is steady blinking green, it shows offline in the app and on the website. I’m able to ping the controller and it shows connected to the wireless.

I’m unable to run anything and there are no settings but that is because I factory reset the controller to try and fix the other issue I was having.

I’ll call when support opens.

Called support and the tech has no idea what the problem was, he has escalated it. Hopefully I hear back soon.

This is getting very frustrating, my grass, garden and everything is dying! No one is responding to my support ticket.

I had the engineering team review the controller, the messages it is sending our cloud are corrupt, having them look further.


@jonathansm I had the engineering team handle the messages coming from your controller, can you try again? I have seen these older models start to act a bit strange over 5 year period.


Thank you! I was able to set up my zones and schedules. So far so good, time will tell. My previous problem would start happening a couple days after a reboot.

Do you know what the problem is with these controllers? Do I need to start looking to get a Gen 3?

Thanks again.

Ok great. Yeah, some just seem to degrade after a # of years, it’s a really small number, but have seen the data coming through corrupted. Gen 3 is leaps and bounds from those versions :wink:


Well my original problem came back. Basically when a schedule is supposed to run it doesn’t and when you check the calendar it’s no longer listed. Acts like it was never supposed to run.

This is a little scary to think that if I buy a new controller that it will degrade and I’ll have to buy a new one in five years. Is there anything that can be done to fix this.

@jonathansm PMing you with followup.


That sounds like something unrelated to the hardware. All the scheduling stuff is managed off the hardware…

This time I do believe it was hardware, the data being sent from the controller looked corrupt :frowning: