Need help figuring out what PWS data is being used

I have an Ambient Weather personal weather station, and I use to relay the data to I have confirmed multiple times that the data being relayed is correct.

I have my Rachio V2 controller set to use my PWS for weather intelligence. I noticed yesterday and the previous day that I had freeze skips, but when I compared the temperatures in the freeze skip notices in the controller history to the data for my station at, I saw that my reported temps for the times given were not the same as the temps reported in Rachio.

In the Rachio app, on 10/25 @ 6:06am there is a “Drip Zones Freeze Skip” notice saying the temp was 36F.
On for my station, on 10/25 @ 6:06am, it shows the temperature was 30F. In fact, the temps had been below 32F for several hours prior that night.

I have several other examples that don’t match up.

Where is Rachio getting it’s weather data from? Obviously not my PWS that it’s set to.

I could be wrong, but I think that your PWS is only used for precipitation.

That would be disappointing if that is the case. Can anyone from Rachio officially confirm this?

I have a similar issue with my unit also. I am comparing to my work and local weather station and the crop evapotranspiration does not add up to what the software is showing.

Red figures are the original predictions from Rachio.