Need ability to specify stop time for hourly schedule

I am generally happy with my new Rachio system. However, today I encountered my first major weakness in the system. I set up an hourly schedule so that a newly seeded area will get coverage for the next week every hour. I only need this during daylight hours when the sun is likely to dry out the seeded area.

Ideally, I should be able to start the watering a fixed delay after sunrise, and stop it a fixed time before or after sunset. That would be just like my IOT outside lights (actually the reverse - they come on at sunset and turn off at sunrise). But I ran into a surprising and disappointing weakness in the programming: I was unable to specify ANY time for the hourly cycle to stop every day. I think this should be an easy feature to add, and really belongs in the product. The ability to specify sunrise and sunset as starting or ending times would be even better. Thank you.

When I seed, I create multiple (usually 6) fixed scheduled spread out across all daylight hours. I’ve found this works best as I can begin disabling schedules to drop the frequency down as the seed germinates, then starts growing. As the seed starts sprouting, there is no need for hourly waterings.