Native iPad support?


Are there any plans for a native iPad app? It’s what I use mostly over my phone.



The plan is to release a native iPad app sometime in the Summer based on development priorities. We are releasing a full re-write (2.0) of the mobile/web app targeted for late April.

After that has been released, we will determine if it makes sense to next work on the native iPad app. That development effort looks right around a month of work.

Thanks, have a great day, and let us know if you have any more questions.


Just to add my two cents, I use my iPad as my primary device compared to my iPhone. So I would be very pleased with a native iPad app once development is completed.



Thanks for the feedback Donald, noted!


Ok…thanx for the feed back.




I just purchased an iro and I would say the iPad support is absolutely critical for me. I don’t have an iPhone, but I have several iPads throughout the home which control all aspects of home automation. Every solution that I use has a native iPad app (i.e., DirecTV, iRule, Sonos, Radio Thermostat, Pentair (pool), etc.) - iro is the only one that doesn’t. I suspect that many other users are also using their iPads for home control/home automation and would benefit from this. I know that the iro iPhone app will work on the iPad, but that has to run in portrait orientation, whereas all of the other apps are landscape, not to mention my iPad wall mounts are all landscape.

Additionally, when you create your iPad application, please include a URL scheme which will allow the iro iPad app to be launched directly from other applications. This critical for home automation applications to be called from a central controller such as iRule. My understanding is that this is only a few lines of code and is not really any additional effort. Here are two links which provide more information on this capability:


@cspackler A native iPad app is definitely on our list things to build. No timeframe, after our 2.0 release we will revisit priorities and see where this falls. Thanks and have a great day!


Add me to the list of folks that want to use my iPad…



Any updates on the native iPad app? I’m on the fence about buying a Rachio or Skydrop system. I’m leaning towards a rachio but it doesn’t have a native iPad app and that’s what I use for my home automation. Any timeframe on the app?


they have hinted that it could come in the future.

i really would not allow that to be the deciding criterion for this type of device. the iphone app will run in the ipad.

base your decision off the fact that rachio’s cloud is superior skydrop’s hardware platform being superior.

its a touch decision, i personally voted for the software side of the house.


For now, the webapp runs great on the iPad. Native iPad is still definitely on our roadmap, but no time frame.

Here are some screenshots of the webapp



Most people have their home automation iPads mounted in landscape. So using the app is locked to portrait making it unusable on my iPad. That link you sent doesn’t show any iPad displays. So instead of using the app on my iPad you suggest using the internet browser version? haha I mean this nicely but it’s 2015 and your competition has a great iPad app and people are going back and forth between your product and theirs I would be a little concerned that they have a one up over your product.


My home automation iPad like a lot of others is mounted in landscape mode so the Rachio iPhone version creates a terrible user experience.


I’d be careful of purchasing a product solely on its support for a native iPad app. I feel our reviews speak for themselves in regards to our depth and breadth of company maturity and software features.

Whatever your choice, wish you the best of luck!



i can appreciate this, i too wish i could rock out in the bed in landscape mode when reviewing my irrigation, but as i stated in another reply on this thread, dont get target locked on something that is strictly aesthetic.

the only thing your argument supports is that it is possible to buy an aesthetic piece of sh@T, it is no guarantee that the foundation for this facade is stable.

i for one like functionality over aesthetics. aesthetics is the easy part, the rest is what is considered your value add or intellectual property…

having said all of that, i eagerly await an ipad app, but am far far far more concerned about my landscaping than the look and feel of an application that gets used at most 10 hours a week.


Plus we have great community. :man_with_gua_pi_mao:
Just saying


One more vote for native iPad app


Franz, I am afraid that I have to disagree with you about the webapp running great on the iPad. I am a relatively new (and enthusiastic) Rachio user, and I just traveled out of the country for almost 3 weeks where I ONLY had access to my iPad and my iPhone. The webapp on the iPad does NOT function as it does on a Windows PC. I had screens where I wanted to edit something, and there is no way to close or save the screen (for example, can’t edit a Flex watering schedule). Graphs can show up funny. Can’t cut and paste the Water History (which I have been doing on the Windows PC so I can see what’s really happening, and because numbers don’t match up across different presentations of what should be the same data). At least moisture levels detail data shows up well on the webapp on the iPad, because when I try to look at it on the iPhone, I basically have to scroll through it one day at a time.

For now, I really like the premise of your product and the start of it, and I am willing to go through some growing pains as the company as a whole seems very responsive.

I am fine with using the app developed for the iPhone on the iPad. But I really need the webapp to work correctly on the iPad as I often do not have access to a Windows PC. (I am using Chrome BTW. I will do some checking to see if it acts the same on Safari. If I just need to change browsers, I am also willing to do that).


Thanks for the great feedback. I’ll make sure our product team receives this.

We definitely want a native iPad app, just a matter of timing.

Thanks again!