Native integration for Netatmo

I am contemplating purchasing a Netatmo but I don’t want to publicly expose it via PWSweather. Is there any native integration planned? Or maybe the better question is how to conceal it through PWSweather.

The best way right now would be for you to setup the coordinates of your PWSweather to be out in the middle of nowhere (ideally in underpopulated area so others do not mistakenly use it thinking they are getting local data), miles and miles away from your real location. It will still be public, but only you will know where to look for it and what real location it is relevant to. Your rachio will show that you are using a station some crazy distance away, but it will not effect anything else.


Thanks Gene. I actually thought of that as well but wasn’t sure if it was possible in the PWSweather config. (And whether it was frowned upon!)

Yes it is possible, you just need to set appropriate GPS coordinates. I did not see any requirement from PWSweather for location to be accurate. You just need to decide about making it far enough that you will not worry about anyone finding your station from there and near enough that if someone were to use it, they would not be far off (perhaps 1/2 of a mile would do?).
P.S. Try not to set the coordinates at someone else’s home. They may not appreciate it. Try setting it in a middle of a local park or something.

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