National weather stations randomly disappearing from weather station list

I’m wondering if support can reproduce what might possibly be a bug on Rachio’s end. I live in inland Los Angeles and there are a few major airport weather stations around within a 10 mile radius. I previously used the KVNY and KBUR airport weather stations, but I’ve been experimenting with others that seem more accurate to my hyperlocal climate. As of this writing the weather stations do not appear to be offline. The last time KVNY and KBUR reported updated weather data was 4 and 2 minutes respectively.

When I attempt to change weather stations, the only one that’s available to me is one in Sandberg, CA which is 40 miles away from me and basically in the middle of nowhere near a mountain microclimate. I’ve experienced this bug a few times. If I just wait a few hours, I’m able to see a list of national weather stations near me (but not all, and sometimes they randomly appear and disappear - like KLAX)

Tried refreshing, and logging on/off both web and mobile app. Toggle and then untoggling “show personal weather stations” also did not help. My zip code and geolocation coordinates did not change. GPS is functional - when I toggle show personal weather stations, it displays personal weather stations in my area. I’m on Android 6 for mobile/ Chrome 54.0.2840.59 for web app.

20 minutes later, checking for available national weather stations reveals an extra weather station. While it is in Los Angeles this time, it’s still too far away with a distinct climate. My changing weather stations past midnight might have something to do with it.

The change in weather station also modified the flex daily schedule. Now it says it’s going to water one zone a day for 4 days.

Checking again, I can finally see the KBUR station I used previously. But the KVNY station nearby, which was my primary source is not showing up.

Works now. Not really sure if this is a bug on Rachio’s end. As you can see, the available national weather stations constantly change. This time KLAX is available.

Hey @DroughtSaver -
We have actually been noticing some issues with California weather stations, specifically KVNY, so it’s interesting it popped off your list for a bit. We have been in contact with NOAA, but I will make sure to notify them you ran into this issue. Thanks for letting us know!
McKynzee :rachio:


Thanks McKynzee. Wanted to note this sort of behavior seems to happen at nighttime.

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Thought I would bring this to support’s attention, it’s probably nothing:

On, for NOAA station KBUR I see:

But on (KBUR), I see:

Is this a feature or possibly a bug? Is this discrepancy normal? Does Rachio only update weather in certain intervals (every couple hours)? With NOAA station KVNY, I don’t see this discrepancy.


Looks like Rachio just pulled the updated KBUR weather data a few minutes ago. Sorry to bother y’all!