Mystery schedule change?

While I’m the first one to admit that when we puts our little cell phones in our little pocketses mysterious magical things can happen. However this morning when I checked on the two schedules that should have run, only one did. When I checked the schedules themselves, the one that didn’t run was scheduled to run at 8 PM tonight. All of my schedules were built to run prior to sunrise.

Given that you kind of have to dig down into the schedule edit screens to change the run time selections, I am somewhat mystified by how this could happen.

So my question, posted with no animas and all due respect; is there ANY way that this could possibly have happened on the central servers?

If it couldn’t have happened on the servers, then would it be out of the question to suggest that an optional PIN lock feature be added to the app so that spontaneous, wonderous configurations changes could be avoided?


Is this on a Flex Daily Schedule? There is a chance that when it looked 1 hour prior to running, that it decided that it could hold off one more day…

As for running at 8pm, not sure how many zones you have, but if they are all scheduled to run before sunrise, it will push things around to make time for it.

@tmcgahey, thanks for the suggestions, but neither of those are the situation. The zones are on a flex monthly so they don’t skip that way. It was as if the schedule had been edited as the Time parameter was set to “Start at a specific time” which was set to 8PM. I had to re-edit the schedule to correct this. I had also checked the schedules the day before and they were fine then.

I still think an optional PIN lock on configurations would be a workable idea.

Hi @davelr,

Sorry to hear about the unexpected change, I am looking at your account and as you said you have all of your schedules set to run “As needed before sunrise”:

Can you confirm if Front S is the offending schedule? I noticed you ran this schedule manually in your history yesterday morning.

Once I have more information I will forward this to our engineering team for review.

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@mitchell , thanks for the post. Yes the schedule that got modified was “Front S”. Obviously, I’ve corrected it which is why it now is “As needed…”. I have no clue how this got changed, but thanks for the help looking into it.

@mitchell, have to bother you again about this type of issue. Was checking things this morning and found another “mystery modification” to one of my schedules. This time I have not corrected it so that you can see what I’m talking about, but I’d appreciate it if you can let me know when I can fix it.

If you look at the schedule named “Back” you’ll see that the interval is set to Sun, Mon, Fri, Sat. As set up, the intervals on every single one of my schedules (except Plants) was set to Sun, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat. This was to allow me to mow on Mondays without having the grass soaked.

Again, since changing the interval settings requires a pretty specific series of inputs, I can’t see how this could happen by some series of random inputs in your pocket for instance.

Thanks for looking into this and please let me know when I can fix this as we have an entire week of mid-90’s predicted here in Denver.

I’d also appeal again for a configuration lock feature if this is not something happening on the servers.


@davelr I’m having the engineering team review and will get back to you today.


@franz, Thanks for the heads up. I’ve actually rethought my last sentence a bit. I’m beginning to think that there should be a configuration lock no matter where the changes are occurring. What I’m proposing is something that locks the configuration files unless “I” as the user/owner unlock them. This might be a little challenging I realize,.


Had the engineering team review your mobile client calls and it does look like there were three times where the schedules were updated from the app. We wanted to make sure that nothing was happening after the schedules were saved.

There were 3 updateSchedule calls on 7/2/2018.

11:18AM for everyday but Monday restriction.
11:23:35AM has restrictions set to Sunday, Monday, Friday
11:23:49AM has restrictions on Sunday, Monday, Friday, Saturday

So at this point it seems like it might have been accidental. If you continue to experience this issue please let us know and we can do further testing/validation.



@franz, thanks for checkiing this for me. Given the date, I may know what was going on when this happened (sprinkler adjustments, wet hands and phone, in and out of pocket) but the changes were totally inadvertent. I’d still like to suggest that you guys chat about whether some type of configuration lock (pin based type of thing) for configuration changes might be possible. Thanks again.

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