My watering schedule does not run automatically, but does manually

I set it up to run on odd days, and history says it did run, but I have noticed that nothing happens when the schedule runs off the scheduler.

I can do a quick run manually, and the schedule runs.

I have gone thru the diagnostics…checked for standby, etc. It would be nice to not have to remember to run my sprinkler.

What type of schedule?

Flex Daily, Flex Monthly or Fixed?

I think it is fixed…odd days. It never runs on the schedule. I always have to run it manually.

Since you’re not sure what type of schedule, I would delete it. Create a new FIXED schedule and set the daily interval to odd. Make sure you schedule start date is today and your end date is never (at least for now).

Let us know if that works.

I looked and it was a fixed schedule.

I deleted it and followed your instructions. Will see what happens.