My sprinklers went on after a big rain the day before

I’m very new to Rachio. I noticed the other morning that part of my back yard was flooded. This area always floods after a big rain. I can only water in Dallas on Thursday and Sunday. It watered on Sunday and then I got rain on Tuesday (a LOT of rain). It actually left standing water. The rain sensor was activated By Thursday the standing water was gone, and the rain sensor deactivated. But I’m sure my back yard was still pretty water logged. Anyway, Rachio watered on Thursday. When I went out to by garage in the morning to leave for work, I noticed the standing water. My history for that zone shows 11 minutes. It watered 6 minutes in 2 cycles for that zone.

So, my question is WHY? Is it because my station is 5 miles away, and it didn’t measure the same rain that we did? Should i manually skip when it rains like that? I did change the info for that zone, to mostly shady (which it really is) hoping that would change the duration? I found a personal station about 5 blocks away, I send the guy email asking about it. And I’ve changed to use that one for the moment.

What do you all suggest?


I have this problem from time to time, I use an ifttt recipe to trigger a 48 hour delay if my rainsensor goes off then if it is enough rain (using wu) then I’ll use the fill button for my zones


It looks like the station you had previously chosen was not reporting precipitation (you can see this in your event history). If the PWS station you chose is more accurate you should be good to go.