My setup

Two controllers setup

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I see that your power plug makes a 90-degree turn as it comes out of the unit. Did it come that way when you bought it? Mine is a straight plug that sticks straight out and barely fits in my outdoor cover box.

I reused a pre-existing cord from the old irrigation controller. I believe you can purchase a “wall hugger” style outdoor or heavy duty extension cord and cut to length.

A good trick the previous installer did was to coil the sprinkler wires instead of cutting them to length. This gives you a lot of length to work with in the future without taking up too much space. I strengthened them out during replacement and coiled them around a thick screwdriver for the final install. It’s coiled in both installs but you can see them clearly in the second picture.


Nice, clean install. I’d suggest adding some caulk where the sprinkler wires are entering the wall. You don’t want water or creatures getting in there. :+1:

Good idea. Thanks.