My Rachio Completely Dead

I have the Rachio 3. Have never had a problem with the unit since I installed it about 4 years ago.
Yesterday got a notification that my unit is offline.
WiFi is fine and I opened the enclosure and there is not one light on the unit, checked the wiring and all wires are secure.
Is it possible that the unit has just expired?

Could be the power adapter. Do you have a multimeter or any way to test it?

Funny, just got your response and I am on my way to Home Depot to get a voltage tester
Any suggestions?

Well, I would unplug the ac adapter from the Rachio and test for voltage at the end of the adapter. It should be around 24 volts AC. It the transformer is dead you might be able to find a replacement locally, or maybe Rachio can get ya one. If the adapter checks out ok I have no idea beyond that.

I have an adapter coming from Rachio tomorrow

Rachio 3 came out in 2018. Are you sure it is that model?

Seems like there could be a power adapter issue. Mine wouldn’t power on. Contacted customer support and had a new one in 2 days. Way impressed with responsiveness and love the controller and app. Works great with Apple Home

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