My rachio 3 isn't watering

I get the alert that my system is watering, but when I go outside, sprinklers are not running.

Hey @Bob!

Would you be up for shooting over a photo of your wiring set up as well as double checking that the water is on?


Thanks for the response. I don’t have a photo, but the system worked for awhile, now just sends false readings that it is running. Water supply is on. It shows running both on the scheduled plan and on Quick Run, but sprinklers not running.

Is this for all zones, or specific zones?

Can you manually run the stations by turning the bleed valve or solenoid body on the zone valve itself?

If it is all zones, a common issue is a problem with the common wire (typically white wire in the bundle) either has a bad connection at the Rachio, a break somewhere in line (recent digging in the area) or a bad connection at the solenoid valve side (typically a bunch of wires connected in a large wire nut).


For all zones. I checked the wires at the box, nothing has changed since it last worked. This happened before and just started working again. Newer system, seems i shouldn’t be having these problems…

Do you have a master valve in your system?

Have you confirmed that you can run the zones by manually turning the bleed screw or solenoid?

It would definitely help if you can determine where the problem is.

An easy way to test a single zone is to go to a big box retailer and buy a new controller transformer. They’re less than $20. Most of them have bare wires where the Rachio has the plug. Unplug one of your zone wires and the common wire that goes to it and temporarily connect it to the new transformer. Plug it in.

You will immediately know if your problem is in the control system, or the sprinklers. Once you know that, it will be easier to zero in on the problem.

You could also have a rain sensor configured that has bad wiring or is non-existent

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I agree with @tmcgahey, see if you can get the system going by manually turning main valve since its all zones. This would also give you insight on if the issue is electrical or potentially mechanical.

Thank you all for the suggestions. As it turned out, my master valve needed replaced. All working now. Thanks again!

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Hi Bob - if you don’t mind me asking, how did you figure out that the valve needed to be replaced? Having a similar problem in our new home and wondering if we need an irrigation company to come out.


I had a professional come out. My particular valve was 16 years old. As failure it closed off the water, so even though the system showed it was watering, not water was passing through the master valve. Professional diagnosed in about 2 minutes…

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