My Rachio 2 gen. every day goes offline

I use my rachis 2 gen. for a few days. It is working with my wifi (strong signal). Yesterday I saw that my Rachio is offline. Why? I use many items with my wifi, like netatmo weather station, netnetatmo thermostat and cameras - and these devices are still online. Yesterday I couldn’t connect my rachio again to my wifi. I reset my router, I disconnected from the power supply and connected again. Nothing, than suddenly, rachio connect to my wifi :slight_smile: It worked until today 11.00 am. In the morning. At 5.00 am I used manual watering, rachio was online. Everything was ok. What could be the reason, that rachio is again offline?

Follow Request failed, please check your connection. If this is not your problem, update again stating so.

@oatacc If this continues to happen please reach out to for any network troubleshooting issues.

The controller should say consistently online. They can help track down signal strength issues or general router issues.