My iro 2 was good soldier up to the end


Don’t let lightning pass through your iro.



Holy smoke Batman! That’s crazy that it decided to hit right at the controller! Hopefully you didn’t withstand much other damage. Must’ve been a shock to have that hit, assuming you were home.


:scream: NOOOOOOO


Dude I wish, it hit a tree in the back and the light pole in the front and flashed off all the water in my main that goes from my meter to the back, I’ll post pictures of my manifold box later. The iro took a shot from the valve wires.

Maybe I shouldn’t have punched that granny at the mall in her dentures?


I mean it wrecked that long run of pipe doobs. My poor precious…


She probably had it coming. Sorry to hear about this, hopefully you can get everything covered through insurance if it’s worth it


Oh yea no doubt on insurance.

Dude, in postmortem, it blew the cover off the unit 6 feet across the garage, hit my wife’s car and ricocheted another 15 to my door.


Wow. Crazy.


Damn, that’s nuts!


Don’t worry @plainsane, we got your back :wink:



Holy shit! Glad (from the lack of you saying otherwise) that everyone is ok!

This does make me think however. Even if you had a whole house surge protector installed at your panel those valve leads are another possible avenue into your home’s power circuitry to fry other stuff had it wanted to. It’s common to make sure you have surge suppression on all cable/telephone lines entering the house in addition to power lines… never really gave two thoughts about irrigation lines until seeing that picture.


yea, it came right up the valve wires, now they look like kansas city bbq burnt ends, you know?


Annnnnnnd now I’m hungry.



hey man, im a do you a solid too, ima ship you a jump suit just like mine.


re: romper - OK now I’m officially weirded out…


You just don’t know @plainsane.



@franz I think @plainsane just hopes you will send him some swag as well so he does not do what he threatens to do. :wink:


Wowsers!!! That’s my same setup (rain sensor and all). How can this be prevented?