My iOS app crashes on April 30th

Hey @franz or @emil, can someone run the iOS app for my account and select the 30th of April and see why the app crashes. This has happen 11 times in a row. I have been manipulating schedules to run some shadow zones and I have worked myself into this spot.

I created a wan schedule, deleted it and created a new one of the same name, if it helps.
P.s. It would be great to give schedules priorities over others.

There’s a fix in the works that should solve this issue.

Please refer to the following post for more info: iOS App issues

Ah ok, the data causing the crash has past but I’ll see if I can find another

So I could not find a day that crashes the app before upgrade. After upgrade it still doesn’t crash.
}the bug that causes duration to increase indefinitely is no longer there but a new bug has shown up while reordering zones in the wan schedule.
Before I explain, I see this as well with adjusting duration in flex.

I’m wan,
Tap + on bottom of 4 zones. H old +. Move that zone up 2, now any adjustment made to the reordered zone bumps the duration for 2 zones.

In flex if I adjust the duration of a zone it usually adjusts the wrong zone.