My Fixed Schedules are starting late

I have some fixed schedules for my zones. Due to the number of zones, I have them split between early morning, and late morning, with a gap in the middle of when we get ready for work.

I have noticed for the last couple of days that my schedules are not starting when scheduled, but rather start 20 minutes late. I look at the history, and it shows the schedule “starting” at the correct time, but the actual zone watering start time is 19 minutes after the official scheduled time. As a result, the sprinklers are still running when I want to start my shower… Same thing happened in the 2nd scheduled set, sprinklers started 19 minutes after the official start time.

Any thoughts?

Update: Wanted to add that I am using Rachio 2nd Gen devices. Both seem to be having the issue.

@kbonnel can you post a screen shot of your history that shows when the scheduled run started and a screenshot of the same schedule set up that shows the specified start time? That will help in trying to diagnose the issue.

Sure, here they are:

@kbonnel Yeah, I see what you mean. Both schedules actually started watering 19 minutes after the schedules started. In the setup for the schedules is schedule 1 defined to start at 3:30am and schedule 2 defined to start at 8:00am? If they are I don’t have any suggestions, but perhaps others here will have a better idea.

Correct, both schedules are set to start at a specific time, 3:30am and 8am. It is weird.

Pinging @DLane @Gene Any ideas from the hardware side? Seems very odd that BOTH schedules are exactly 19 minutes late!

Temporary fix so that you can get your shower at the right time is to move the schedule 20 minutes earlier. At least you could enjoy your regular shower time until someone figures this out.

Hi Linn

That is my current plan of action :slight_smile:

@Linn - my best guess is a NTP (network time protocol) server issue or internal clock issue as this is currently the only reported case of this.

@kbonnel - Which Rachio Gen is this? I might unplug the Rachio for a minute and then plug it back in to see if that resets the clock.

I have Gen2s. I will give that a shot and see if that helps. Might have to wait till tomorrow as I will have to the crawl space to get too them.

Just wanted to give an update after a few days. A restart of my Rachio devices seems to have fixed the issue.

Thank You

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