My experience with Toro Soil sensor and Iro

I would like to share my experience with Toro Soil Sensor and Iro:

Installation of both was trouble free - both devices are very easy to configure and integrate.

I am still learning Toro’s moisture reporting (on screen) and optimum setup but having some interesting Iro’s behaviour:

  1. As soil sensor is configured by Iro as a rain sensor - I am getting not very obvious messages like “it is raining” or " it is not raining" when soil moisture is within or outside of the predefined limit. It would be nice to have a soil sensor selection in addition to rain sensor or an option to customise messages - especially of you want to expand to any international market :slight_smile:
  2. there is no info (also in v2) if the rain or soil sensor is blocking irrigation or not - this might be useful
  3. I was trying to run the manual irrigation and the progress bar is moving but the irrigation does not start at all as it seems to be blocked by the sensor - this is a major issue as in some cases may want to override settings.


On our list of TODOs :wink:

Defect in firmware where if rain sensor is enabled and activated, manual schedule runs are blocked as well. Will be fixed in next firmware patch. Workaround is to just disable the rain sensor in the app until it deactivates.


@dszymkun, any new tips on this configuration for other users considering the Toro Soil Sensor? (Wiring info found here)

Just in case you didn’t notice, this firmware patch has been released.


Best, Emil