Multiple zones at 0% not water in a month and not scheduled for another 2 weeks

I have multiple zines set up with a flex daily schedule. The head in the back yard looks fine so I haven’t really been paying attention but today my wife said the shrubs on the side yard look dry. I checked the app and all the shrub zones are at 0% moisture level and havent been watered since 9/3 and aren’t scheduled to run until 10/20. The ground is bone dry, many of the leaves on the trees/shrubs are dry/brown. I’m doing quick runs right now but why would the controller not water the plants for 7 weeks and think that’s a good idea? How should I modify settings so this doesn’t happen in the future? My controller is Rachio-65DA78.

Is this a new Rachio install, or have things been working fine and all of the sudden seeing this?

What are your zone settings? Can you post screenshots of the standard and advance zone settings?

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