Multiple watering options per day

I live in Texas and I’m only allowed to schedule once per week. I’m allowed to water before 10am and after 8pm. Would like it if the schedule allowed me to set multiple watering times per day. In drought confidtions it’s the only way to keep my lawn alive.

We currently do allow you to run multiple unique schedules per day.

We do not currently support running the same schedule multiple times per day.

After our Spring release we are going to take another look at how we can make schedules more powerful (multiple start times, more restrictions, before a certain time, etc.)

Hope this helps.


I just got my Rachio Gen 2 and live in Las Vegas where we can only water turf before 11AM or after 7PM, and only certain days of the week.They also want us to limit length of time to 4-5 minutes and only 2-4 times per day.To accommodate 3 watering times per day I set up 3 schedules with 3 zones in each schedule, one starting at 7:30AM, another at 10:30AM, and the final at 7:00PM, Each zone waters for 4 minutes 3 times per day. Lets hope it works.

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Well the test worked. So now I have to set up the schedules for 3 times of the year; Spring & Fall (Tues, Thurs, Sat), Summer (any day of the week but I do odd or even), and Winter (Thurs. only)… During the Winter I water once a day (Thurs. only) so I have 1 turf schedule and 1 drip schedule. In the Spring & Fall (Tues, Thurs, Sat) I water the turf twice a day so I have 2 schedules and the drip once a day so only 1 schedule. In the Summer (odd days) I water the turf 3 times a day (before 11AM or after 7PM) so I have 3 schedules, and the drip once a day so only 1 schedule. I will be able to enable or disable the schedules as the seasons change.Also, I was able to find a local PWS on Wunderground that shares its data so I could get my weather information.

Our new 2.5 software being released on Thursday now has end dates for schedules, so you will be able to take advantage of those :wink:


That’s great. I’ll wait to finish my programming until the update is effective.

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