Multiple start times on schedule for new seeded areas

If I am watering a new seeded area, I need to be able to repeat short watering every couple of hors to make sure that the seed does not dry out.

Can you add multiple start times for a schedule or a repeat every x hours for n times so that this can be done on any day when the schedule is activated.

I don’t think you can do intervals within a single day. Smart Cycle could do that but the time between watering may not be long enough for your purpose. I have a similar issue since I have water restrictions that do not allow me to water from 11AM to 7PM. Because of that I have 3 fixed schedules that water at 7AM, 10:30AM, and 7PM every other day. I also utilize Climate & Rain skip. You could set up 4 or 5 schedules that water at various times of the day and set the day schedule to an interval of every other day, or odd days or even days, etc.

@IanC We don’t currently support multiple intervals of the same schedule in one day (future feature), but you can actually use an IFTTT recipe to accomplish this.


IFTTT Recipe

How to use IFTTT with the controller

Thanks, I have setup 6 identical daily schedules with different start times to do this. This is simpler.

I will look for you to add this as a feature in a future release. This will make your controller competitive with older controllers like my Irritrol that provides for programming multiple start times for any schedule or program.

The reason I don’t use IFTTT is that it will water even if there is a rain delay (see example below). I like having the advantage of the Rain Skip & Climate Skip which IFTTT does not respect.

Here’s the IFTTT recipe.