Multiple Schedules

I use a flexible monthly schedule to water my entire yard that runs every third day. I also run a daily schedule to supplement a few areas of the yard that need more water due to a lot of sun exposure. How can I get the daily schedule to not run on the days the flexible monthly schedule runs? They are both scheduled to start at 5 am, and when set to run on the same day the run one after the other.

Maybe there’s something you can do with IFTTT ? I was thinking ‘If zone started’ then ‘skip watering time’, but It doesn’t seem like you can specify the zone for ‘zone started’. Anyway, it might be worth a look.

Would it work to put a rain sensor under your sprinklers in the sunny area? Kind of goofy - the sensor would override the 2nd schedule if it was still wet.


I had this same thought :joy: Would be a little funky, but could work! Let me check out IFTTT

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I thought of using IFTTT to say if “full schedule ran” than don’t run "sun zones schedule ", but couldn’t figure it out.

I do have a rain sensor but hadn’t tried that.