Multiple runs for same zone

is it possible to schedule same zone to run in lets say 2 minutes increments. For example if I have 2 zones I would like to run zone 1 for 2 mins then zone 2 for 2 mins then again zone 1 for 2 mins etc… The idea is to allow water to soak in. I would like to do that without creating multiple consecutive schedules.

If you setup the zone correctly, with the proper soil type and slope, then in the schedule enable smart cycle, it will handle the soak period for you. If you have runoff post back, there could be a bug or your soil chemistry has an issue


@plainsane is correct, of course. :wink:

This might help understand the how smart cycle works and how zone settings affect it.

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Ok I get it the smart cycle and what not :smile: . but if I want to do it old fashion way by setting it up manually is it possible without consecutive schedules?

We don’t currently support that, the plan is for schedules to support multiple start times, we are building the infrastructure to support that but it is going to take some time.

In the meantime, this can be achieved using IFTTT.

The recipe ‘Run watering time every hour for sod’ should work. Create a schedule in our app, disable it, and then let IFTTT run it whenever you want, at whatever hourly/daily frequency.

More about IFTTT and Rachio.

Hope this helps.