Multiple pumps one controller?


Can you clarify for me how the valves are wired into the system.


To clarify. There is a brown wire which is a zone wire in one of the relays. This goes to a valve.
I use a a different brown wire to daisy chain one side of the pole terminal to all 16 relays as I interpreted your step 1 in the original.
Did I confuse pole terminals with the coil terminals?


Does it matter that the commons in step 2 of the original are connected to the daisy chained commons of step 4?


It seems to me that the changes swap the pole and coil wires. I guess I got them confused.
Are the two unlabeled ports the coil posts? And the two labeled ports, the NO and the COM?
I see that is exactly what I did.
Thanks for all your help.
I’ll get it fixed.


Sorry I was away from the computer / couldn’t reply sooner.

Yes, you understood everything correctly on your last message.
It does not matter that Commons from step 2 are connected to commons of step 4.

Remember to swap the white / daisy chained brown wire on the spares. This way you will not be caught off guard later on when you get to use them.

Cheers :thumbsup:



@Gene- thanks for stepping in on the assist as I was out of pocket all day today.

@Ksheston - glad the solution works for you and Gene got it working for multiple zones.

Let us know if there are any more questions or problems.