Multiple notifications of my rain sensor activating and deactivating

I have a Rachio Gen2 with a wired Hunter Mini click rain sensor that is just 2 years old. I’ve read others having the same issue of MULTIPLE duplicate notifications that their rain sensor has been activated and deactivated. I have also read on the forum that they have been instructed to check the wiring or clean the rain sensor. I installed my rain sensor just 2 years ago and for all that time its worked perfectly, therefore, I believe my wiring is correct. I also went on the ladder made sure the unit is clean and even pressed the tab on the top of the unit to make sure it clicks and makes contact. I truly feel with so many of us having the same issue, it’s not a wiring or hardware issue, which only leaves a possible software issue. Its rained here in NJ for the past 7 days, so my sensor still shows activated, but previous to this, I kept getting rain sensor notifications like crazy stating activated, deactivated for at least 4-5 times a session before it settled down to activated.

Just wondering if a problem has been identified and has been resolved. Love the Rachio Controller! It has saved me tons of money with my water bill not to mention the convenience.


Interesting and thanks for reporting. I just ordered one of these models (can’t remember what we have at the office) and will do extensive testing on Monday when it arrives. Will let you know what is identified.


It is highly recommended to clean the Hunter Mini Clicks before and after each rain season. Small bugs and debris are not uncommon to get into the small orifice that the water is expected to enter and evaporate from.

I have seen the same problem you are experiencing on many occasions which related to small insect larvae moving around inside the sensor which causes the on/off as you are seeing there.

I would not recommend using any chemicals to clean it out but a good pair of safely goggles and a can of Clean Air spray (like the one used for dusting electronics) works best for me.

Please be sure to use your goggles and keep your lips tightly pursed as debris will fly out.

In the event that your unit cannot be fixed by cleaning, I would recommend a rain sensor. When installing a new rain sensor during the rainy season, you will need to add a bit of moisture back into the new sensor and check the settings to your desired guaged amount ie: 1/8 inch, 1/4 inch, 1/2 inch.


@RXman I’ve seen this too. The Gen 2 Rachio I installed at my mother-in-law’s house has a Rain Bird WR2 sensor connected. It was a new controller and sensor that was installed when the house was built last year. Just recently it activated, then 12 minutes later deactivated. This isn’t the first time it’s deactivated quickly.

@franz In a future update, can a list of rain/freeze sensors be selected when they are installed, then enabled in the app? That way the log can be traced back to a specific sensor.

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