Multiple intervals per manual schedule

I have a set of hanging baskets and small pot sconces connected to a drip system fed by a valve in my system. I have found that they do best when watered multiple times a day in short intervals. On my old ‘dumb’ timer I could easily program this with one schedule but have found with the Iro that I need to set a separate schedule for each interval in the same zone. IMO it makes more sense and is more convenient to be able to just add another interval(start/duration) to the same schedule such that a zone with multiple intervals can be handled with a single schedule.

I’d love to see this feature added.

Hey @JWolf!

Thanks for the suggestion. Just so I have a better understanding, how many times a day are you watering your hanging baskets?


Hi McKynzee,

I am watering them 3 times a day.



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